Top Five Smartphone Apps of 2015

 top five smartphone apps of 2015

These days, it can be awfully hard to keep up on technology. That’s why we are providing you with the top five smartphone apps of 2015!


# 1 – Layout

No longer are we satisfied to look at one picture at a time. Collages are all the rage. Layout makes is super easy to create collages, with an intuitive drag-and-drop format.


# 2 – Periscope

Livestreaming is a new and exciting way that people are communicating about their lives online. Periscope helps you do that easily.


# 3 – VHS Camcorder

Some apps are extremely useful. VHS Camcorder is not one of those apps. It has the ability to make your videos look like they were recorded on an old 80s camcorder. Pure awesome.


# 4 – Darkroom

As most people find, the filter options on factory photo apps just don’t give you a lot of options. Darkroom takes care of that.


# 5 – Giphy CAM

Why do GIFs work? Who knows but there is something about GIF loops that can be so fascinating and funny. Giphy CAM just makes it very easy to make GIFs.

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