Hints of a Chevy SS Successor Emerge, Despite Closing Facilities

Chevy recently announced that it would be closing its Australian production facilities after years of success, which many have assumed would mean the end for the Chevy SS, the American sibling of an Australian model.

Fortunately, an interview with Camaro Chief Engineer Al Oppenheiser in Car Advice has put a different spin on the events. We may still have a Chevy SS for at least a year, and it may have its own successor.

Oppenheiser let slip that there was likely a next-generation vehicle based on the SS sedan on the works, though he didn’t share many details about the potential new model.

It’s good to know that the automaker will be keeping this popular model around, and that it’ll be replacing it with something similar. Hopefully, more details on the Chevy SS successor will emerge as we approach the 2017 model year.

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Chevy SS Successor

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