5 Fun Activities at the Pilcher Park Nature Center

One of our favorite places in the Joliet area is Pilcher Park. This acclaimed park district has a great nature center with many different activities. There are five activities Hawk Joliet especially recommends doing at Pilcher Park Nature Center.

Wildlife Watching: As Pilcher Park consists of 640 acres of diverse habitats, you’re likely to find all kinds of birds, small mammals, and other creatures hiding out.

Hiking: You’ll find nearly a dozen marked trails at the park, ranging from the short, paved Sensory Trail to the sprawling, rustic Wildflower Walk looping around the greenhouse.

Biking: There are also a number of bike paths here, whether you want a peaceful glide or an exciting challenge.

Cross-Country Skiing: When the season’s right, Pilcher Park is the place to go for cross-country skiing trails.

Education: The nature center hosts many field trips and holds educational classes for kids and families. Learn about the local environment and how to take care of your own pets.

The nature center is open every day at 9am, so start your morning with a visit to the most beautiful place around! Then take a nice relaxing test drive at Hawk Joliet, and tell us all about your fun time!

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