5 Fun Travel Games for Kids

Its summer and you’re probably planning on taking a road trip with your family. Unfortunately, keeping the little ones from getting cabin fever (without their faces mesmerized by their digital devices) can be a challenge. To make your car ride memorable, here are Hawk Joliet’s favorite travel games for kids

  • License Plate Game: Many activities involve license plates, like trying to spot one from every state, letters from the alphabet in order, or using them as bingo squares.
  • Name That Tune: Put your radio to use by flipping through the channels and having everyone race to name the song you land on.
  • Storytelling: Start telling a story and let every passenger have a turn to continue the tale, taking it in whatever direction they imagine.
  • Drawing: Have your kids sketch and color a map of where you’re going, encouraging them to include landmarks and stops along the way in their design.
  • Travel Scavenger Hunt: Write down a list of things you might see on drive and give a copy to each passenger. Whoever checks all the items off the list first wins!

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