5 Fun Food Facts about Illinois

Food Facts about Illinois

There’s more to love about Illinois than just the popularity of Chicago. The whole state is filled with charm and secrets, especially when it comes to culinary innovations. We know you love eating as much as we do, so here are five fun food facts about Illinois.

  1. The town of Morton is known as the Pumpkin Capital of the World because over 85% of packaged pumpkins originate there.
  2. The origin of Twinkies can be traced to River Forest, where the snack was invented in 1930.
  3. One of our favorite desserts, the ice cream sundae, was invented in Evanston, where the use of soda was replaced by syrup over a century ago.
  4. You’ll find the world’s largest bottle of ketchup in Collinsville, where it’s actually a painted water tower.
  5. The first tower silo was built on Hatch Farm near Spring Grove, and you can still see the foundation of it after its 46 years of use from 1873 to 1919.

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