The Most Expensive and Rarest Hot Wheels Car

rarest hot wheels car

When you think of Hot Wheels cars, you probably think of the hundred dollar-priced plastic cars in bins at your local toy store. But some models can bring in a pretty penny as collector’s items—the priciest and rarest Hot Wheels car being a 1969 pink, rear-loading VW Beach Bomb with surfboards.

You may have seen this car on an episode of Pawn Stars from last year. Its owner attempted to sell it but didn’t strike a deal because the offer didn’t match the $100,000 it’s worth.

The reason it’s so valuable? It’s not actually a production model. The VW van was a prototype that never went to market, so only two copies of it exist.

It’s a beautiful piece, unique in color and perfectly capturing the real model’s funky charm.

Could you imagine owning a toy worth that much money? Imagine how many old toys in your attic could be worth something!

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