Subaru Loves Learning Campaign to Donate Thousands of Textbooks to Local Schools

Subaru Loves Learning, a part of the Subaru Love Promise charity organization, has announced that it will donate thousands of textbooks to local schools through its retailers in order to promote science education. 1,500 books will be distributed to students of Camden, New Jersey, the headquarters of Subaru of America. Subaru plans to donate another 40,000 books to communities around the country.

Subaru is pairing up with and the American Association for the advancement of Science to make the donations possible. The AAAS is dedicated to advancing science education and technology and is made up of 250 affiliated societies and over 100,000 members.

Subaru has a longstanding partnership with, with whom the company has worked to donate hundreds of classroom supply kits around the country, impacting more than 8,000 students. Since 2015, Subaru has donated $90,000 to

The Subaru Loves Learning initiative has also teamed up with Google Expeditions as the official US partner of the Expeditions Pioneer Program, which has benefited millions of students around the world. Subaru vehicles travel to schools to provide classrooms with Expeditions kits, take students on virtual reality field trips, and help them develop real-world science-based solutions.

Subaru has also supported Teach for America through the Subaru Share the Love event, which expanded education opportunities for 750,000 students in 2013. These are just some of the ways Subaru supports science education in the US and the world.

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