Indoor Activities in Joliet, Illinois

When the weather gets chilly, outdoor activities become less pleasant. But don’t worry, there are plenty of indoor activities in Joliet that’ll keep you entertained and warm in the winter.

Hararh’s Joliet Casino

Got a little cash to spend? Hit up Harrah’s, which has an array of gambling and slot machines. It’s a fun night in on a cold night out.

Rialto Square Theatre

This theatre is a classic. At 90-years-old, it features stunning architecture and a nostalgic feel. Now, you can see a variety of shows here so that you can enjoy the architecture and the art.

Joliet Area Historical Museum

If you want to experience a little piece of history, visit this museum. It’ll give you history about the Joliet area and features all kinds of art and stained glass.

Chicago Street Pinball Arcade

This is a fun trip for the whole family. Whether you’re a mom, dad, or kid, you’ll love this old-fashioned arcade. There’s a variety of classic arcade games and pinball machines.

Joliet Town & Country Bowling

Sometimes, all you need is a night of bowling. But this bowling alley takes fun seriously, with plenty of lanes, a sports bar and grille with lane-side service, and casino-style video games.

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